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Poro Jump Graphical update

We have updated the moon mode graphics which looks amazing right now! What do you think about this? Download Poro Jump on Google Play. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated!

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Cruel Dungeons Menu and Music

Just a small update this time. Today i have been working on Cruel Dungeons menu and music again in which i created the menu for the game and also added sound effects and background...

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Poro Jump Moon Mode

Today i have added a new game mode which is the Poro Jump Moon Mode. It features less gravity per jump! Can you survive this new danger and jump to new heights? Follow us...

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Creating Enemies

Creating Enemies, enemies and more enemies in Cruel Dungeons… Yesterday i spend the time creating a few enemies by following the course from Heartbeast which was a great succes! See for yourself how that...

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Basic Movement Cruel Dungeons

Today i continued to follow the course by heartbeast and implemented basic movement and ledgegrabbing. There has also been some smoothing out of a few small aspects. What are your first thoughts about Cruel...

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The beginning of cruel dungeons

This is the beginning of Cruel Dungeons. The game will be based around dungeon crawling through dangerous yet thrilling dungeons. Not much has been done yet but there is a room and a character...